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Michał Góra

Invest your time and efforts on your ideas. Leave the optimization to me.


What I do


Consulting Services

Starting from scratch, together we will undergo a transformation to a maximally efficient and friendly business model.

Our final stop is zero loss. Zero-based thinking is a performance management mind-set in which there is no acceptable level of failure: no manufacturing and operational wastes altogether. 


Optimization Services

The goal is to maximize most of the process specifications, while keeping all others within their constraints. This can be done by using a process mining tool, discovering the critical activities and bottlenecks, and acting only on them.


Space planning and CAD support

Right planning is a way to raise productivity, lower demand on logistic and create friendly environment for workers.

I am able to search for optimum approach based on local situation and create visualization and simulation of new reality.

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Many satisfied customers from industries from the food industry to aviation
Several developed, implemented and efficient new processes
Dozens of visualizations of devices and workstations.

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Cracow, Poland

+48 668 029 805